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Do not eat chocolate cake before you plan to video chat naked. Bloating WILL occur.

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 11:21pm


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The best part about having the house to myself in the summer is that I can walk around naked.

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 01:47pm

Anonymous said: I'm seventeen and a chick and I almost had sex but we didn't have protection so decided not to. Ever since I've been thinking about sex a lot. One thing that I'm self-conscious about is my pubic hair. Am I supposed to shave down there?

you don’t have to if you don’t want to! it’s totally up to you, but if it’s something you are self-conscious about then do it. most girls prefer it to be trimmed at least!

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 01:46pm

closetedexhibitionist-deactivat said: GREAT blog!! xoxo

thank you so much!

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 01:45pm